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Zero/low carbon buildings consultancy
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Strategic Business Development
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ISO Management Systems Consultancy
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Airline Consultancy
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Technology Consulting
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governance / board development
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Experience Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution Program/project manager
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Experienced project manager and business analyst
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Business Process Redesign
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logo team team name: LinkedInterims™
Professional Interims and Service Provides co-operate.

Consultancies often win, over individuals and Agencies, by being able to integrate a number of skills, disciplines, abilities, talents and experiences into consolidated service offers. Together we can compete from a lower cost base.
logo team team name: LIONs™ - Working Together - Open Networkers™ (from LinkedIn) on ki work™
The LIONs™ - was established in January 2006 as a self help group for evangelical networkers on LinkedIn; a place where LIONs™ could work together.
With the advance of time and circumstances that need has grown, and with over 17,000 members, the LIONs™ is probably the most capable team on ki work!!
logo team team name: LOCRIS
LOCRIS provides knowledge, talent, expertise and skills to meet strategic, tactical and operational requirements.

We are neither aligned with specific product nor service provider organisations. We maintain our independence when working with our clients.

Our role, within client organisations, is to work with the senior management team, bringing to bear our knowledge of markets, products, technology and services, and our technical and managerial expertise, to devise and deliver the best solution to meet their needs. Solutions that meet the needs of our clients on an individual basis. We do this by providing managerial expertise in the required field on a project by project basis operating in the roles of Director, Chief ', Head of ', Programme / Project Manager, Consultant and other Interim or Locum appointments. Because we are not employees of our clients, we are far less distracted by office politics and prejudices, and we can focus on delivery. Through our network of experts and through healthy relationships with vendors, we can often save huge amounts of time and money, for our clients, by the speed with which we can respond to their needs.

LOCRIS has a phenomenal presence in global networking and frequently attends conferences, exhibitions, conventions and supplier summits to maintain currency of knowledge and keep track of market trends. Additionally, we subscribe to many research and journal providers to ensure a constant stream of the latest market intelligence. All of this knowledge is channeled into delivering the best customer services.
logo team team name: Strategy4Business Ltd
Survive and Thrive in the Recession

Strategies to take your organisation forward and not only survive this economic downturn but also build a thriving successful organisation for the future.

There has never been a better time for laying the foundations.