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Inventory and Data analysis
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Molecularbiology, Microbiology and Immunology
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Market Research Advice
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IT service management
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Interim support to manage a policy project or administrative change.
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business intelligence analyst
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IT - Business Technology Consultancy
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Facilities Consulting
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Strategic Consulting
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Business Advisor/ Trainer Microcredit practitioner/ project development
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logo team team name: Airseeker - Land Mine Action - detection and neutralisation
Consortium of specialists in mine action - practical demining services delivery. Expertise in all aspects of running a complex logistics business in landmine & unexploded ordnance detection, handling, destruction & neutralisation to deliver major service contracts throughout the world. Exiting work!
logo team team name: Apps Outsource
Business Applications Software Consulting

Serving throughout Middle East Region

ERP and SCM Applications
logo team team name: BFS Associates
BFS Associates is a full service SCM consultancy. BFS stands for "Better, Faster, Smarter" Our goal is to help organizations make their supply chains BFS. In that spirit BFS Associates has partnered with Ki-Work to grow it's practice as a virtual consultancy. By eliminating the overhead and other constraints associated with a traditional consultancy, BFS Associates is able to be very competitive in today's market place.

Our global team brings to bear expertise across the broad spectrum of SCM knowledge and expertise.

BFS Associates does not attempt to be all things to all people, but to provide excellent services and we will partner with other specialized firms to provide additional services when necessary.

Our mission is to provide value-added services and tools that will integrate business processes with both best practices and technology solutions that will make your supply chain more competitive.

We are committed to developing loyal business relationships through integrity and excellent services.

Implementation Services

BFS Associates can help you solve the tough implementation issues you face. Our structured methodology helps companies across a broad range of industries implement supply chain systems on-time and on-budget to optimize their operations.

We know that implementing a new system can be an overwhelming undertaking. By employing the best consultants that excel in both operational and technical skills we can deliver an implementat­ion quickly, effectively and with fewer burdens for you. We offer implementation expertise with WMS, TMS, LMS, YMS, and ERP systems; among others.

BFS Associates can help you evaluate your current business, supply chain applications, and your vendors' newest releases to see if it makes sense to upgrade your applications to get the newest enhancements. If it does, BFS Associates can work with you to develop a plan to upgrade, and then help you execute that plan.

Our Implementation Services include:

* Supply Chain Application Implementations
* Implementation Readiness Assessments­
* Integration Management­
* Application Design & Development
* Upgrade Facilitation

Supply Chain Compliance

BFS Associates can help you navigate and address the increasingly stringent compliance requirements that your operation faces, or help you to set up a compliance program for your vendors that truly delivers to your bottom line.

Supply Chain Planning

BFS Associates knows you need to reduce uncertainty in your Supply Chain. Exchanging information and providing visibility to both demand and supply are key to success. Effective Supply Chain Planning (SCP) can increase profitability by improving service and reducing costs - essential to companies with a business strategy based on Operational Excellence.

Strategic Services

BFS Associates Strategic Services can help you develop and execute a successful game plan for your operation. We have the expertise to help you optimize your operations in ways that will significantly improve customer service and reduce distribution costs.

Is your facility laid out optimally? Are you taking advantage of best practice processes? Can a warehouse management system be justified in your facility, or are you utilizing your current WMS optimally? Our Strategic Services were designed with these questions in mind.

We assess your entire supply ch­ain network, inside your warehouse and beyond as it relates to your customers, suppliers and manufacturing facilities. We then help you eliminate uncovered bottlenecks through process improvement, application configurations and facility layout changes.

Our Strategic Services include: ­

* Logistics Strategic Planning
* Facility Planning and Layout
* Operational Assessments
* Distribution Network Design
* IT Infrastructure Evaluation/Roadmap Analysis
* Independent Software Analysis

Whether you're looking for quick ideas for immediate efficiency gains, or a long term plan for improvement, we can prioritize opportunities for improvement and create a customized plan to fit your needs.

Logistics Strategic Planning

BFS Associates can help you take a look at your overall business and Supply Chain Network. Do you currently have manufacturing operations located in the United States, but are considering outsourcing that part of your business overseas leaving you with distribution services in the US? Is your business growing faster than you can keep up with? Are you having problems with suppliers?

BFS Associates can help you address these issues and formulate a plan to ensure that your business is well positioned into the future.

Facility Planning and Layout

Have you outgrown your current facility? Or perhaps your current facility no longer serves your needs since your business has changed. BFS Associates can help you examine your current facility, determine the needs that your business changes have or will bring about , and then help you determine what your facility(ies) need to look like in the future. Perhaps you have one facility today, but it makes sense for you to go to a multi-facility infrastructure. Maybe you currently have multiple facilities and it makes sense to consolidate some of them. Whatever your situation, BFS Associates can help you analyze it, develop a plan, and execute upon that plan.

Operational Assessments

How efficient is your existing facility? Have you found bottlenecks? Maybe you are out of space. BFS can assess your existing facility and help you maximize your space. New buildings and moves are expensive, so you want to make sure that you get the most out of your existing facility as possible!

Distribution Network Design

With transportation costs skyrocketing over the past few years, it is crucial to proactively manage these expenses. Is your business in the process of transforming from a domestic manufacturer to an importer/distributor? Has your “source point” changed as a result? BFS Associates can work with your team to optimize your Supply Chain for your current and future needs.

IT Infrastructure Evaluation/Roadmap Analysis

BFS Associates works with companies to ensure that their technology infrastructure is positioned to support the goals and direction of the business. There are many different choices when it comes to technology, and many variables that affect which choice is right for your business. A solid and stable IT infrastructure is one of the foundations of a successful, profitable business.

BFS Associates will work with your team on projects large and small, local or global to provide you with the support and tools you need to make your Supply Chain Operations Better Faster Smarter.

logo team team name: CAL distributed solutions team
Specialists in dispersed team collaboration methods and technology, CAL bring projects the benefit of proven industry leading processes, exciting new team profiling tools and years of focused expertise in distributed team management and support to any project. See for further details
logo team team name: Executional Excellence
We manage your business to cutting edge excellence achieving maximum profitability and distinguished image.

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