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Airseeker - Land Mine Action - detection and neutralisation
created: 21-Apr-2009
type: Distributed team
# of members: 20
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team description Consortium of specialists in mine action - practical demining services delivery. Expertise in all aspects of running a complex logistics business in landmine & unexploded ordnance detection, handling, destruction & neutralisation to deliver major service contracts throughout the world. Exiting work!
team co-ordinator
30+ years in management
Manufacturing, finance, utility, retail and service sectors
Expert in Interim Management / Freelance market
team marketplaces
academic writing
aerospace engineering
analytical services
answering & messaging service
api & widgets
application development
apps & plug-ins
architectural engineering
article writing
artificial intelligence
automotive engineering
aviation consulting
blog writing
business coaching & mentoring
business intelligence & analytics software
chemical engineering
civil & human rights law
civil and structural engineering
cms design
collaborative portals
components and frameworks
computer engineering
computer hardware support
construction law
content management systems
copywriting & editing
creative writing
customer care/ response/ service
customer relationship management (crm) software
database administration
database development
database migration
document management systems
drafting and illustration
due diligence
e-business solutions
e-commerce software
e-commerce website
editing & proofreading
e-learning software
e-learning strategy, content & course development
electrical engineering
engineering support
enterprise application integration (eai)
enterprise resource planning (erp) solutions
enterprise scale software
environmental consulting
environmental engineering
environmental law
e-publishing solutions
event planning & management
executive coaching & mentoring
expert witness
fact checking
failure analysis
flash programming
game programming
geospatial engineering
geotechnical engineering
ghost writing
gis services
grant proposal, writing & editing
health & safety training
healthcare software
help desk software
human factors and accessibility
human resource (hr) software
industrial engineering
integrated circuit design
interaction design
interim management
international business consulting
internet & broadband support
interpreting services
ISV - independent software vendor
it governance
it strategy
knowledge management
knowledge management systems
knowledgebase management
language training
leadership coaching & mentoring
leadership training & team building
life coaching & mentoring
life science bioinformatics
life science information systems
life science software
life science technical writing
localization services
management consulting
management training
materials analysis
mechanical engineering
medical writing
mobile application development
mobile infrastructure
mobile value added services
multimedia software
network design
network support
news photography
online coaching & mentoring
online forms
online sub-editing & copy editing
open source software
operations research
other photography
other videography
outdoor/ nature photography
performance coaching & mentoring
personal coaching & mentoring
post production services
press releases
product design
project & program management
project management software
quality assurance management
report writing & editing
reverse engineering
risk management and reliability
routers, firewalls & security support
ruby on rails
safety engineering
scientific computation
scientific writing
screen & script writing & editing
scripts & utilities
search engine optimization (seo)
security monitoring
security software
SI - system integrator
social networking software
software architecture
software as a service solutions
software localization
software migration
software testing
speeches & editing
static website
subject matter expert
supply chain management consulting (scm)
supply chain management software (scm)
technical sales support
technical training
technical writing & editing
tool design
training consulting
training materials development
user guides & manuals
user interface design
VAR - value added reseller
video and film production
video editing
virtual worlds
visual basic
visual c sharp (c#)
web analytics
web applications
web content
web content management
web development
web directories
web gui design
web portals
web programming
web statistics
website design
website maintenance
white papers
wireless systems support
workflow management software